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It's a plane? No, I'm really asking. What is it? Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? Definition of bolt-hole. Synonyms for bolt-hole Synonyms asylum , harbor , harborage , haven , refuge , retreat , sanctuary , sanctum , shelter Visit the Thesaurus for More.

First Known Use of bolt-hole circa , in the meaning defined above. Learn More about bolt-hole.

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Resources for bolt-hole Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared.

Dictionary Entries near bolt-hole bolt from the blue bolt handle bolt head bolt-hole bolt hook bolti boltin. Statistics for bolt-hole Look-up Popularity. Colby and Terrell becoming a couple, finally getting to the place that was right. He SHOWED Terrell that he would love him, that for once in his life there was someone that would love him unconditionally, that would not give up on him.

Terrell had reasons to be skittish, but Colby had been wearing him down for a year and when he made his move he did not rest until Terrell could open up to what he could have with Colby. Sweet sweet love Terrell only knew sex that made him feel shame Loved this story. It is not and easy road, but they get there and in the midst of it all we get all kinds of awesomeness. A crimmie, a look at what it is like to be a young black man trying to break out of the cycle of poverty and violence, injustice, learning to accept who you are and letting go of the things and the people that will never accept you All of that and a hellishly fucking awesome cat battle, that made me almost piss my pants laughing, made for some fabulous reading.

Amy Lane has had my number since I read about Crick and Deacon, that is the truth, but she keeps working on her craft and she keeps getting better and better, and she has made a niche for herself writing absolutely fantastic interracial couples. Amy Lane.

You rock my world. View all 7 comments. Apr 10, T. Webb rated it it was amazing. A bolt hole a funny thing. Terrell Washington—his whole life is a bolt hole. And to top it all off? So he crushes it down with all his other failed dreams and hides in plain sight. He becomes a bartender, has one-offs, and grows more and more bitter. Until he meets Colby Meyers.

Then he finds company in the little bolt hole of his life. It all changes when Colby takes matters into his own hands and kisses Terrell. Suddenly, his deepest, darkest secrets are right there on the edge of being discovered. And if he does, will he be safe before the murderer strikes again? This is a different Amy Lane book, and dammit, I like it. Terrell is cranky, funny, shy, bitchy and an all-around bear of a guy.

Right up my alley! Their very sweet friendship is wonderful to watch. Sometimes, all it takes is one person willing to reach out and connect to make all the difference for a drowning man. And Colby.

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  6. Where he starts as the friend, he becomes so much more. He forces him out from the closet—another of his many bolt holes—and has grand plans for the two of them. The murder mystery is an essential part of the story, and is fun to watch play out. The women in this book play a vital role, and we get to see solid, real females for a change. A very successful one. Overall, another great effort.

    Fantastic job. View all 5 comments. Apr 13, Adam rated it it was ok Shelves: wrote-a-review , read-with-mish , age-gap , mm-contemporary , coworkers-to-lovers , friends-to-lovers , unaccepting-family , coming-out , mysteries-thrillers-crime-etc , zzzzzs-were-made. BR with Mishyjo! While I have to give Amy Lane kudos for incorporating diversity and discussions on race in to her writing, the story itself wasn't so great, which it pains me to say because I'm a big fan of Amy Lane.

    Terrell and Colby's relationship starts early on in the book. We're told that th BR with Mishyjo! We're told that the two are already close friends and have been crushing on each other for a while now. Given this abrupt jump in to the relationship, I had a hard time connecting with the two.

    I also didn't understand exactly why they liked each other, besides working in the same dead-end place and being friends. It's possible that I might have just glazed over the important bits in the beginning, because I was pretty bored for the first third or so of the book. The mystery aspect wasn't the most engaging, but it was entertaining enough as a sub-plot.

    The resolution to it was a tad predictable, but I can understand why that was probably the best way to wrap everything up.

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    Though Amy Lane's sup-plots are usually a lot more interesting than it was in this book. Overall 'Bolt-Hole' was only a two star read. The last three chapters were quite good, but it was too late by then. For most of the book I was bored, by the relationship and the circles that Terrell kept going in.

    I liked the discussions of race and racism, and how homosexuality fits in to it. But there were only so many times that I could read the same passages over and over again.

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    What makes Amy Lane's books so addictive is the absolute need that her MCs have for each other. I didn't see that need between Terrell and Colby, so this is definitely one of my least-liked books by this author. View all 20 comments. Mar 26, Portia rated it it was amazing.

    I am not a big fan of the interracial romance written from the Caucasian perspective. They tend to be more fantasy than fact. But, in the case of Bolt-hole I think Amy Lane is brilliant. How a straight, white woman captured the thoughts and feelings of a black, gay man was fabulous. A loved Terrell. He is like so many men that I know. Justifiably angry with little hope.

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    But, rather than question Terrell's feelings, Colby is a steady stream of hope and love. I also don't like interracial romances I am not a big fan of the interracial romance written from the Caucasian perspective. I also don't like interracial romances that dwell on race. But, again, Amy Lane dealt with real situations in ways that I did not find condescending or offensive. Regardless of their differences, the love that Colby and Terrell have is real and deep.

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    Their friendship binds them and their respect for one another is tangible. Add in a heaping dose of hot sex and Bolt-hole is a must read for anyone who loves HEAs with a touch of suspense. I hope that, even if it's not a whole book, Ms. Lane lets us revisit these two in the future. I'd love to get the full picture of their Happy Ever After.

    I love the characters. The dialogue not so much.