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But with the odds stacked against them and many difficult battles ahead, Mkel cant help but wonder if heor the Alliancewill survive. Battle Of Handsdown. Dragon Dream. War Games. Battle Point. The Gatherings. City Of Light. Arena World Championship. Mythic Dungeon International. WoW Classic. Log in. Try Free. Short Stories.

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The Story of Warcraft. New Player's Guide. Returning Player's Guide. Realm Status. Recruit A Friend.

Content Update Notes New. Mythic Raid Hall of Fame. Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards. PvP Leaderboards. Shadowlands New. Battle for Azeroth.

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Standings and Schedule. Season Archive. Hall of Fame. Inside the World Championship. Inside the Mythic Dungeon International. Most Recent. June 20th by Blizzard Entertainment. Benthic Gear Increase your power with Benthic gear, new upgradable armor that can now be collected in Nazjatar. New Zone: Mechagon Island Legends speak of a place off the craggy coast of Kul Tiras whose denizens have replaced blood and bones with bolts and brass: Mechagon, home of a society of mechanically augmented gnomes and their iron-fisted ruler King Mechagon.

Junkyard Tinkering As they traverse the zone, players will have access to Pascal-K1N6, a giant iron robot who will help players craft equipment, mounts, toys, consumables, and more in exchange for Spare Parts and Energy Cells found across Mechagon. New Quests A host of new stories and adventures are now available across Azeroth. Magni Bronzebeard Mysterious magics have awakened across Azeroth.

New Heritage Armor: Gnomes and Tauren Delve deeper into the lore of the gnomes and the tauren and unlock Heritage Armor that reflects their legacies. New Epic Battleground: Ashran Once home to a mighty ogre empire, the ruins of Ashran hold ancient artifacts infused with great power that could turn the tide of war. New Missions and Mechanics New Missions and Troops As you take the fight to the seas, your loyal followers will be with you every step of the way.

Event and Holiday Missions Send out your followers to embark on new holiday- and event-themed missions. Mounts Ride through Nazjatar and Mechagon in style as you collect several new aquatic- and mechanical-inspired mounts. Crimson Tidestallion These blood-red, spirited creatures gracefully flit through the water, carrying heroes swiftly through the sea.

X Mechanocat Crafted through Junkyard Tinkering, these robotic cats can be painted a variety of colors, which players can collect during their adventures in Mechagon. Scrapforged Mechaspider Planet-conscious players who complete the quests given by Recycler Kerchunk in Rustbolt will be rewarded with this mount. Mechacycle Model W This mechanical marvel is the pinnacle of supercharged street performance in mechagnome travel. Pet Battles A new challenge awaits your army of fierce little companions in Rise of Azshara.

Transmogrification Updates Players can now make all armor slots hidden, except Legs. Brewfest Update Get ready to crack open a cold one with friends new and old during our revamped Brewfest! Brawler's Guild The Strange Thing encounter is now easier to defeat. Icecap now reduces Pillar of Frost cooldown by 3 seconds was 1 second. Chance now diminishes on targets beyond the first. Breath of Sindragosa now generates 2 Runes when cast, and another 2 when the effect expires. Breath of Sindragosa costs 16 Runic Power per second up from Breath builds will now be able to fill more global cooldowns with casts of Obliterate to make up for the lost Frost Strikes.

The cost of Breath itself is increased to keep its overall duration roughly unchanged.

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These changes provide a substantial increase to physical mitigation when Demon Spikes is down, and a neutral-to-very-slight increase when Demon Spikes is active. The changes also provide some overall passive reduction to magic damage. Overall, the amount of sustained damage Vengeance takes will be lower, and the periods of vulnerability outside of Demon Spikes should be less dramatic.

Shear now generates 20 additional Pain and 1 additional Lesser Soul Fragment was: generates 7 Pain per second.

Feral Druids now have a passive ability learned at level 22 that allows Remove Corruption and Soothe to be cast in Cat Form. At the same time, in situations where there is no fantasy justification or gameplay need, it makes sense for spellcasting to be more restricted. Guardian Ironfur now has a maximum of 8 stacks. Ironfur and Maul now cost 40 Rage was Mangle now generates 10 Rage was 8. Currently, depending on talent configuration, Druids may only be able to barely maintain full uptime on Ironfur.

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Making Ironfur much more available should allow better control over timing and overlaps, as well as improving Guardian mitigation overall. Shifting to Bear Form now gives 25 Rage was Frenzied Regeneration Rank 3 is learned at level Hunter Horridon is now tamable by Hunters of any specialization. Barbed Shot damage is now affected by Bestial Wrath.

We believe damage-over-time specializations that maintain a variety of DoT spells should in general output more damage in encounters with multiple targets than single-target oriented specializations. In addition to measuring class specializations against others, we must also balance them across the entire spectrum of content. Due to the types of encounters in Tides of Vengeance, Shadow Priests were especially strong in some contexts and correspondingly weak in very few situations when compared to similar DoT specializations.

This will be a damage increase against two targets, and a damage reduction against 3 or more targets. Shaman Enhancement The Molten Weapon buff from the Elemental Spirits talent now only modifies the Fire damage of your class abilities, instead of modifying all Fire damage dealt.

Dragon Alliance Rise Against Shadow - Rise Against Shadow (Paperback)

Prior to this change, the Molten Weapon buff from the fiery Spirit Wolf would have increased the damage dealt by several Azerite Essences. The buff effects from Elemental Spirits talent are intended to increase your class abilities, and still will after this change. Gilded Claws duration decreased to 6 seconds was 12 seconds. Freehold Reduced dungeon completion timer to 33 minutes was 36 minutes.

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Increased the Enemy Forces contribution of Animated Guardian. Azerokk Call Earthrager now summons 2 Earthragers was 1 Earthrager. Heavy Cannons now start with Energy and Cannon Blast costs 20 energy. Increased the Enemy Forces contribution of Matron Alma. Hellfire Citadel Hellfire Assault The damage that Hellfire Reinforcements and Felfire-Imbued Siege Vehicles inflict to the Hellfire Cannons has been massively reduced for characters with a level of or greater on all raid difficulties.

The number of Felfire Munitions required to defeat the encounter has been reduced to 5 for characters with a level of or greater on all raid difficulties.

These items can now be collected, repaired, and fought over throughout the island. Items and Rewards Artifact Power Azerite values have been adjusted to allow players to get more of their total Artifact Power from the below sources. Gear Scaling The power of damage and healing effects on Battle of Azeroth items now increases more per item level.