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In every story of good versus evil there is a hero. Perhaps some of the greatest heroism came from our childhood.. I may be a little Scripture: 1 Samuel , 1 Samuel The issue in doubt in the Corinthian church is that one day people will be raised from the dead. Not every person in the Corinthian church believed it will happen. What do you doubt about? Scripture: 1 Corinthians LUKE Scripture: Luke How do we respond when God pours out His blessings upon us.

Selected Passages What do you do when God is good- when God blesses? He truth is that God blesses us all the time. Many blessings we do not see with our eyes- many that we do see. How do you respond to a particularly wonderful blessing from Scripture: Joshua Scripture: Hebrews Denomination: Assembly Of God. God tells us in Revelation how we overcome, but it is still up to us to live it out. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.

They overcame him by Scripture: Revelation Every relationship includes both speaking and listening.

This sermon talks about how to listen to God. The first week, we talked about starting the relationship — being Scripture: 1 Samuel This sermon emphasizes thoughts on how to keep your healing after you have been prayed for. It discusses reasons why people often lose the healing.

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What is happening? Symptoms will often come back, and we need to know what to do about this Scripture: 1 Timothy Denomination: Methodist.

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A lot of Christians talk about praising God, but how do we know when God is really being praise? Aim: I want the listener to be more conscious of how they are praising God. Today we are going to begin a series that explores what type of faith we should strive to attain.

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Throughout this series we will be looking at different people who are mentioned in the great faith chapter of the Bible, Hebrews Each of these individuals displayed what we would term an Filter Results. Sort By. I thank God for His unfailing Word of promise. From the day I got my baby boy, 16th July , I never healed from back problems. I was getting along with severe back pains since then, and I therefore failed to carry my baby on my back or a bucket of water on my head.

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On that day my child was having stomach problems and diarrhea. After the service, as we were having fellowship with one another, Sister Mbise learned of the stomach problem of my baby and told me of the prayer cloth with a number of testimonies about people who received their healing through prayer cloth, including herself.

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I got inspired and asked if I could get one. Sister Mbise told Brother Mbise my request, and fortunately Brother Mbise had some in his bag, and gave me one for myself and for my baby. I went home, read the letter by Brother Branham, and followed all the instructions. I prayed through, applied the cloth, and forgot all about it. After two weeks, I carried my baby on my back to church and as we were walking back home, that is when I realized that something had taken place in my back.

There were no more pains and I could carry my child on my back and even a bucket of water on my head with comfort. My child also got completely healed. Voice Of God Recordings.

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