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Colonial Encounters 2. Native American Religions 3.

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Civil Religion and National Identity 4. Theology 5. Evangelicals in American History 6.

Fundamentalist U

Religion and Politics 7. Religion and the Law in American History 8.

Religion, War, and Peace 9. Religion, Gender, and Sexuality Religion, Race, and African American Life Religion, Ethnicity, and the Immigrant Experience Asian American Religions More likely, the Trump Court will attack Brown by chipping away at a strict interpretation of that decision. De facto segregation will be allowed, for example. Or parents who sue because their district moves white kids to a school outside their neighborhood will find a very sympathetic court. Liberal California voted decisively for a ban on same sex marriage in It may do so again if given the chance. Once again, some states will criminalize homosexual conduct.

In fact, sodomy laws still exist in about one-third of the country.

Sexism and Religious Fundamentalism Drive Opposition to Abortion - Pacific Standard

Half a century ago, California was one of the states that punished homosexual conduct. Gay Pride parades may well be banned in many states in response to a positive nod from the Trump Court in the form of decisions curtailing the protection of gays and lesbians.

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T he upshot is that America under a Trump Court will look much like the America of the mid-nineteenth century. McGuffey Readers may not be back in many schools, but state laws will have returned to that era. Ralph E. In summer and fall of Riley sent teams of speakers to spread the fundamentalist word across the U.

In addition to promoting biblical inerrancy and apocalyptic premillennialism, they attacked socialism and Darwinism. Soon, Riley and his newly minted fundamentalists began trying to capture control of major Protestant denominations and eliminate the teaching of Darwinian evolution from American public schools.

The anti-evolution crusade had some success in the South. Five states passed laws banning the theory of evolution from classrooms. Though the Scopes Trial brought ridicule by the national media, fundamentalism did not wither away.

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Instead, it continued to advance during the 20th century. And it remained remarkably consistent in its central commitments of biblical inerrancy, apocalyptic premillennialism, creationism and patriarchy — the idea that women are to submit to male authority in church and home.

Fundamentalists also embraced political conservatism.

This commitment grew more intense as the 20th century progressed. They saw welfare to the poor and increased taxes on the rich as an indefensible expansion of government powers. When the Cold War brought the United States into conflict with the Soviet Union, their concerns about the all-encompassing, anti-Christian state intensified.

Understanding Christian America to be under deadly assault, in the late s these politically conservative fundamentalists began to organize. In the vanguard was Baptist preacher Jerry Falwell Sr. Since the s, the movement has become increasingly sophisticated. Christian Right organizations like Focus on the Family and Concerned Women of America push for laws that reflect the fundamentalist views on everything from abortion to sexual orientation.