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Stream computing based synchrophasor application for power grids

The twin challenge of meeting global energy demands in the face of growing economies and populations and restricting greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most daunting ones that humanity has ever faced. Smart electrical generation and distribution infrastructure will play a crucial role in meeting these challenges. Advanced research on development and implementation of market-ready leading-edge high-speed enabling technologies and algorithms for solving real-time, dynamic, resource-critical problems will be required for dynamic security analysis targeted towards successful implementation of Smart Grid initiatives.

This books aims to bring together some of the latest research developments as well as thoughts on the future research directions of the high performance computing applications in electric power systems planning, operations, security, markets, and grid integration of alternate sources of energy, etc. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Energy Systems, Storage and Harvesting. Power Systems Free Preview. Free download.

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Energy Systems Integration Facility Menu. High-Performance Computing Data Center The Energy Systems Integration Facility's High-Performance Computing Data Center is home to Eagle—the largest high-performance computing system in the world exclusively dedicated to advancing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Follow NREL.