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Garland, Judy.

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Here Comes the Sun. The Beatles. Nessun Dorma None Shall Sleep. I Get to Love You.

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Song for a Winter's Night. The Alice Grey is also exquisite. In his 6 nocturnes - the March Nocturne No. The 4th is very easy but very pretty. The 5th is fine. The 6th in the Mazurka style is typically guitaristic If I can use the word. The Rondo of the Fairies Rondo des Fees, op. The rondo itself is an excellent bit of writing. His works are, of all writers, the most suited technically to the guitar and when learned, I think, the most grateful. August 16 De Janon told me he [Luis Romero] had a fine technique but his fingering was faulty and his tone was small, but very sweet.

Also that Romero played but some six or eight pieces. I played for a musician in N.

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  6. The after introduction is taken almost entirely on the bass strings and the effect is very much like a cello. Get Kitchener to play it for you as if he is a virtuoso he can read that at sight.

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    DS] August 29 The trouble with many guitarists is that they stay in a narrow path and are content to live and die in that same path. To illustrate I met a guitarist in Minneapolis who asked me to play for him. I did so, when he remarked that I got my runs and scale passages with great rapidity. I explained my system of right hand fingering to him [Fiset used p, m, i for scales] - wherefore he said - "Well, you get those runs as fast as any pianist, but those old guitarists studied technique pretty thoroughly and I don't care to change. He could not play scales fast and yet he hated to budge.

    Also if you examine their works you will find that in long runs they use the slur to a great extent - but a clear staccato run is much more brilliant except in special cases and also where slurs are used it is almost impossible to get the runs evenly. They must be fine - to judge by those published - and I have heard that he wrote a concerto that is a corker.

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    Bye the bye I intend to play his Carnival of Venice next month as a concert piece. So shall hereafter although I've been well treated make my programs spicy with some of the dear old strains.

    I may write a few variations on Annie Laurie if I have the time. January I think Withers is quite right in that Mertz, Ferranti, etc.

    Perhaps it is in the player - however I have no hesitancy in saying that this number is very much more difficult than anything I have ever seen in print. That morceau si difficile the Carnival by Ferranti being merely a molehill to a mountain in comparison.

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    Among guitarists however, the Concerto arouses their admiration to an intense pitch. The Carnival also, I may add. If not please do so as the divertissimente is not difficult and abounds in rich effects. Miller bought manuscripts by Mertz from Mertz's widow. While it is very good - I don't care for it as well as some others of his. In that very year he began to pay attention to nearby Vienna, without doubt one of the most important cultural centres of Europe. After his successful performance at the Royal Theatre in he was appointed court guitarist of Empress Karoline Auguste.

    In the following year he made numerous concert trips across Europe mainly Moravia, Poland and Germany and got married to the pianist Josephine Plantin. Undoubtedly J. Mertz belongs to the most outstanding guitarists and composers of early romanticism.