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Gutkin Mesoscale impact of trader psychology on stock markets: a multi-agent AI approach J. Palminteri , S. Bourgeois-Gironde and B. Garcia del Molino , I. Mastromatteo , Michael Benzaquen and J. Bouchaud Are trading invariants really invariant? Aleksander Berentsen , Mariana Rojas Breu and Christopher Waller Digital innovations in public administrations: technological or policy innovation diffusion? Alfeo , Francesco Appio , M. Cimino , A.

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Lazzeri , A. Martini and G. Henri Jautrou Is fintech good for bank performance? Le Micro-Travail en France. Denis Demidov , Klaus M. Frahm and Dima L. Radu Vranceanu and Delphine Dubart Research funding and price negotiation for new drugs Francesca Barigozzi and Izabela Jelovac Insured participation in health prevention programmes: what are the explanatory factors?

Yet, faced with the continued deterioration of the Ariary against the US dollar, promote exports is one of the most solution recommended by many of peoples to remedy this situation. St-Laurent est un expert qui sait transmettre ses connaissances avec brio. Tout est utile! Je vais sans aucun doute les consulter souvent. Purpose From failed translators to mind readers, prima donnas to magical beings, interpreters have been called many things throughout the centuries, but what exactly is interpreting and how does it differ from translation?

Do good translators automatically make good interpreters and vice-versa? What are the modes of interpreting and when are they used?

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What are some of the main settings that interpreters work in? Do good conference interpreters automatically make good court interpreters? How proficient do I need to be in a language to become an interpreter? Purpose This workshop builds on the foundations laid in Part I, delving deeper into the work, with continued practical exercises and a look at some of the more eyebrow-raising aspects of the profession.

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Length 1 day a. Why am I getting three interpreters when I only ordered one? What is the current state of the Canadian interpreting industry for French and English? What are some of the challenges facing the industry? Where can I go for more training? Formateur Christian C. Les participants repartent avec une documentation de plus d'une centaine de pages.

Et le vin aussi! Trainer Suzanne DELISCAR Purpose At the end of this course, attendees will have learned how to translate French language contracts into English, expand their legal terminology database, and identify important standard provisions in contracts. Targeted audience Translators who want to learn how to translate French contracts and expand their bilingual French-English legal terminology database. Contents This course is designed to provide translators with a two-fold training experience.

Firstly, translators will learn how to translate contracts from a variety of practice areas, including terminological research and current legal writing standards. Secondly, translators will learn how to identify the important standard provisions in a contract. Course attendees will receive multiple bilingual legal terminology glossaries. Comments from participants "Very well done. No class currently scheduled. Contenu Onze heures du matin.

Oserez-vous affronter vos peurs? Length 1 day Targeted audience Translators who have worked full-time for at least one year; translators who revise the work of others. Contents Here are some of the questions we will look at: What is quality for purposes of revision? What are the revision requirements in recent European, American and Canadian translation service standards?

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How can I maximize the number of errors I spot? When is a change necessary and when can you leave the draft as is? What are the benefits and risks of comparative re-reading?

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Shall I revise on paper? How much attention should I devote to creating consistency in the translation? How do I integrate self-revision into the translation process? Comments from participants "I didn't think there could be so much to cover on this topic, but the process was thoughtfully deconstructed for an interesting learning exercise.

see Would definitely recommend it to revisor colleagues and also think that translators would find it useful, too. Mossop was very knowledgeable and experienced. He presented his points of view and suggestions very clearly.

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It gives you the chance to stop and think about how to prioritize tasks. Il va droit au but. Utilisation des appareils de mesure. Conducteurs et isolants. Interrupteurs et disjoncteurs.


Terre et masse. Purpose A practical workshop for French-English translators to examine tricky terminology or texts that make you stop and think. Targeted audience French-English translators.

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Contents Learning to be your own Sherlock Holmes. Playing with ideas in advertising. When in doubt, leave it out! Some style and grammar tips. Solving the mystery. Reference materials. Comments from participants "Most useful: 'Words translators love to hate. Her examples are very relevant.