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Customer Service FAQ. Jul 18, There will be additional costs to access sourcing platforms like LinkedIn. Often companies use both external recruiters and an internal team. The next cost is the time your engineering organization spends on phone screens, in-house interviews, attending job fairs, and other hiring tasks. Ramping up new employees takes months, and may also require significant time from your existing team for mentorship and training. If you are replacing an engineer with years of institutional knowledge, the total time spent replacing them fully may be enormous.

Each interview took about 7 hours phone screens, in-house, debrief for about 20 hours total. Lesson 2: Encourage referrals A good employee referral skips the recruiter costs. Lesson 3: Spend a bit of money on retention Good people do leave naturally. Some other low-cost-high-ROI ideas for improving morale and retention include: Manager training and coaching better bosses make employees happier! Employee learning and development conferences, books, classes Make it easier and faster for employees to file expenses Periodically take teams out to lunch Host tech events Bring in speakers for a brown-bag Time for hackathons Thoughtful team-celebration events.

Too many companies either spend almost nothing to celebrate big wins or just throw money down the drain on boozy parties; it takes serious work to find fun, inclusive events for socializing. Learn more. Why is it that we don't hear of someone quitting their lucrative farming life and go on and do something else. In fact why wouldn't someone in their early forties quit their farming career and start a software job? My take is that there are some interesting challenges. The industry has a steep barrier to entry if you are looking to have a meaningful career.

Today the software engineer doesn't get a great portrayal in the media.

My somewhat complete salary history as a software engineer | Hacker News

It is shown as a stressful career with long working hours and poor job security. The big brother advice effect. This is another concept that I have coined after seeing the familial advice scenario. They fondly reminiscence those days to the youngster today telling them that the glory days are no more and it is just another professional job. If you get the drift, you will understand who is not the professional here! The data speaks for itself and the job opportunities abound for people with the right skills. There will be no party days again and hoping for it wouldn't really help build a professional career in this lifetime for a youngster joining the workforce.

In case the subtitle wasn't a dead giveaway, don't wait in baited breath for a career switch from software.

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I have always prided myself on knowing what I can do. I believe I do my job extremely well. A long time ago I realised that building software was my calling. I revel in it with equal gusto today as I did the day I started my career. The years have been both generous and rewarding in all the ways.

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I don't have any of the reasons above every playing a role in my life. The grass is quite green right where I stand. There isn't sufficient evidence that there is really greener grass on any side. If your choice has been to switch, I am hoping it was not a forced choice but an informed choice. I am glad the software career that you had so far has empowered you with perseverance, money and any other necessity of life to make that switch.

I wish you all the success in your next career and would advice you to be greatful to your software career while carry the lessons learnt as you move forward.

If you had to switch due to extenuating circumstances, I think all the suggestions still apply. The lessons you learned, however painful will serve you a good steed for your next life. There is no reason to feel bad about the past choices you made and rather focus on what the future brings you. Sign in. Get started.

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That is, I neither advertised myself, nor asked for a job by any means. These talks were merely for the purpose of scratching the surface of what it feels to be a developer over there. I put together an Excel sheet of around 50 company positions and a dozen countries. After reducing the size of options to a handful, I shared this sheet together with some personal comments with people that I find experienced in the field and had potential to shed some light on certain pitfalls that I could not see due to my inexperience.

Note that nobody cares about your LaTeX kung-fu, swimming enthusiasm, Excel skills, university TA-ships, college entrance exam rankings, etc. Put yourself in the position of the HR staff and try hard to think about what you would look for in a candidate. And one more thing: no long texts.

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Nobody will read them, I can assure you. According to the feedback I collected from various sources around the internet Skype meetings, employee blogs, company profile and products, etc. I connected the pieces of the puzzle in my mind about the position and the required both technical and social skills. Then I delivered a to-the-point cover letter less than a page along with my CV single page to the relevant HR person, if possible through means of another programmer at the company. I would like to emphasise two certain things here:. The following items are the highlights of things that I kept reminding myself of during the interviews:.

Realize that you are moving to another country. Given the fact that even the handling of the utilities gas, electricity, etc.

Boeing's Max software outsourced to engineers making ₹/hour: Report

Below you can find a short list of miscalculations and unexpected obstacles that I experienced while relocating to the Netherlands. Sinan asks: Did I find what I was looking for? What am I complaining about right now? What would I do differently if I did it again? I have mixed feelings on whether I found what I was looking for or not. If I would stick to the subject, what would I have done differently? I would have tried to get more information about the software ecosystem and a working continuous integration cycle with all commit-test-review cycles. But those would not add much to my previous knowledge and not affect my decision, I believe. Additionally, I would have surely made a more in-depth investigation on how much I would spend for housing, where despite all my efforts, my estimations were way off.